The manufacture of watch blanks according to the plans provided. We have been a sub-contractor for watch components since 1983. Orders from one piece to one million pieces. Our infrastructures and equipment allow us to respond flexibly to the most demanding requests. The talents of our employees and their expertise enable them to provide you with technical and production advice that meets your expectations at every stage of the production process.

Bare ebauche movements

The materials used mainly include brass, nickel silver, CuBe and various copper alloys. Our CNC transfer machines offer great flexibility for machining.


Assembled ebauche movements

Notre gamme de réalisation permet de faire un pas supplémentaire dans la terminaison des composants en venant effectuer les opérations de garnissage ou d'empierrage, soit le montage dans les ébauches des fournitures nécessaires à l’assemblage du mouvement. Les fournitures peuvent être fournies par vos soins, ou nous nous occupons de l’approvisionnement.

Les opérations de garnissage sont réalisées avec une extrême précision grâce à nos automates spécifiques offrant une très grande flexibilité pour de petites ou grandes séries.


According to your wishes and your needs, we can oversee the manufacture of your components from start to end. Our skills and those of our network of partners guarantee you correct delivery of your products in terms of both quality and deadlines. Our control system ensures high levels of quality throughout the production process through constant SPC and three-dimensional checks.

Decorated ebauche movements

Our decoration and engraving workshop finalizes the product to bring out its finished appearance. The work done using "traditional" techniques or by a more modern approach with using lasers.

Our process includes the management of electroplating processing either with local partners or your own partners. These operations can take place before or after assembly, according to your wishes.

We can deliver you a finished plate from end to end, ready to be assembled.


We offer different ranges of aesthetic finishes tailored to your needs. We are committed to providing the best quality/volume/price ratio.


Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame SA

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