Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame SA

A manufacturer of ebauche movements for other brands

About us

Manufacture of watch components and micro-technical components


Precis-Trame SA was founded in 1983 following the closure of the regional ebauche factories, including Unitas SA.

In order to meet the growing demand for ebauche movements for mechanical watches, Precitrame has developed its own CNC transfer machines.

In 2001, following the upgrade of its machinery division, Precitrame SA was split into two separate companies, one of which was Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame SA.

The latter becomes a specialist in the manufacture of watch and micro-technical components and currently employs 120 people.


Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame SA

Combe-Aubert 3 CH-2720 Tramelan

T: +41 32 486 96 10

F: +41 32 486 96 11

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